Surfrider Northern Michigan

Beach Cleanups

A Surfrider Foundation program to tackle the Great Lakes litter issue – primarily caused by plastic pollution – through education for action, citizen science, and campaigns. We are all part of the solution and together we can restore our coastlines, one beach at a time.

What purpose do beach cleanups serve?

They Encourage People To Take Action

  • Surfrider Foundation supports volunteers to organize Beach cleanups completely autonomously, with a range of tools and an educational approach.

They Generate Public Awareness

  • Joining one of Surfrider’s beach cleanups, participants become aware of the impact of waste-related pollution, while actively reducing marine litter.

They Aim At The Heart Of The Problem

  • When volunteers inform Surfrider about the waste picked up during their cleanup, they are contributing to pollution research and helping to influence legislation.

Reasons to participate in a beach cleanup

To Protect The Environment

  • A beach cleanup is a practical action to protect the environment while enjoying some time with your family, friends or new acquaintances.

To Spread The Message

  • Taking part in a beach cleanup helps to make people aware of marine litter issues, using the educational tools provided by Surfrider.

To Be A Part Of The Solution

  • Beach cleanups allow Surfrider to influence laws and reduce waste at source, through volunteer participation and information gathered on waste.

Interested in joining a cleanup?

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