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Water Safety & Surf Rescue Clinic

During the summer of 2021, the DNR wrote a proposal to shut down state beaches on red flag days (days at which we choose to go surfing). The surf communityrallied together, amongst them key players in what now is Surfrider Northern Michigan, and fought to change the verbiage of the order to protect surfers right to the water. How? By proving, with data from the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, that surfers, paddlers, and water recreationalists are life guardians in the water, and have the ability to save lives.Promoting water safety & surf rescue technique is a foundational pillar of Surfrider Northern Michigan, and we are proud to be sponsoring a FREE water safety & surf rescue clinic alongside Sleeping Bear Surf and the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project this Saturday from 9:00am to 11:30am at the Frankfort Pier.This event is designed to empower beach goers and surfers alike to enter the water, or paddle out, with knowledge as to how to keep themselves and those around them safe. The event will teach everything from how to manage dangerous currents, to open water rescue techniques with everything from a boogie board to a paddleboard.