Surfrider Northern Michigan

Our Team


JD Wilson-

Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Motivation to join Surfrider: Having worked in ocean conservation for 30 years, joining Surfrider after relocating from San Francisco to the Great Lakes was a natural fit for me as an avenue to continue protecting our waterways and highlighting issues of concern. 
Day Job: I work as a producer/concert promoter for benefit concerts focused on oceans and responsible land use. I am also a sailmaker and part time musician. 
Hobbies: Most of my free time is spent on or near the water. Bird watching, diving, surfing, canoeing, and SUP are all part of that picture. 
Favorite thing about Michigan: My favorite thing about Northern Michigan is the ready access to the lakes and forests, its natural beauty, and raw, varied seasons. 

Vice Chair

Ella Skrocki- vicechair@bstainfield

Hometown: Empire, Michigan

Motivation to join Surfrider: Lake Michigan is my livelihood, my life blood, and my passion – these bodies of water are a vital part of who I am- so why wouldn’t I do everything in my power to look out for its health. Surfrider brings like-minded people together to create action, and a movement, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.

Day Job: I wear many hats in the family business, Sleeping Bear Surf. My parents, Frank & Beryl, started the business in 2004, as the first full service surf shop in the state, when I was just 8 years old. I have since grown into a role that has allowed me to teach, advocate for the lake, share my passion for the lake, and continue to nurture the community that my parents built. While we provide high quality gear to our community, our mission is founded on the desire to expand love for the lakes and therefore create stewards out of those who find joy within our Great Lakes playground.

Hobbies: I am a surfer through and through. My heart gets pumpin’ when the wind blows, all year long.No matter the mood of the lake, my favorite place to be is on the water. I prone paddle, SUP, kayak, sail. When not on the water I hike, bike, xc ski, and snowboard. And I try to do it all with my four legged companion, Lela.

Favorite thing about Michigan: The ability to do it all. And oftentimes, in the same day. No matter the season, or the weather, Michigan provides endless opportunities for adventure.


Jacqui Dorman-

Hometown: Troy, MI
Motivation to join Surfrider: I’ve always felt the most at home in the water. Whether I’m free diving a reef, or swimming laps in the lake I will always be in the water. I quickly realized that our coastlines, especially the Great Lakes, are in need of protection now more than ever with the increase in plastic production and climate change. Surfrider is an organization that has the best of both worlds where you can interact with like-minded people, but also make a change not just on the local level, but at the state and federal level as well.
Day Job: Director of Business Development for an investment firm.
Hobbies: Freediving, scuba diving, hiking, camping, surfing- anything outside or on the water. When snow is on the ground you can find me snow shoeing.
Favorite thing about Michigan: The variety of things to do. We have all four seasons and there’s never a shortage of activities to do in Northern Michigan. It’s the best playground in the world.


Arianna Farina–

Hometown: Rochester, MI
Motivation to join Surfrider: To be a part of an organization that empowers the Northern Michigan communities to conserve our precious Great Lakes. I’ve been enjoying the Great Lakes since I was young whether it was for family vacations or spontaneous weekend trips. I want to protect our lakes for current and future generations to experience.
Day Job: Customer Account Specialist 
Hobbies: hiking, camping, watching any and all true crime tv shows
Favorite thing about Michigan: The sandy beaches of Lake Michigan

Volunteer Coordinator

Drew YoungeDyke-

Hometown: Central Lake, Michigan. I grew up just a couple miles from Lake Michigan and was a beach bum in the summer but it never occurred to me to surf it until I was almost 40.
Motivation to join Surfrider: I believe in supporting the resource I use for outdoor recreation. I hunt, and fish, so I’m a member of several nonprofit conservation organizations. So after I surfed for the first time in Hawaii in 2018, I joined Surfrider. After seeing how members came together to protect surfing in Michigan, I wanted to help reorganize a chapter here.
Day Job: I’m a Director of Conservation Partnerships for the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center.
Hobbies: Fly-fishing and tying flies, cross-country skiing, surfing, trail running, camping & backpacking, canoeing, deer hunting, CrossFit; depends on the season and I’m constantly adding new ones, usually some form of outdoor recreation. And combining multiple outdoor hobbies together into fun hybrid adventures.
Favorite thing about Michigan: “Ohh, the water…” Paddling my local river, fly-fishing the inland lake at my family’s UP cottage, camping out and surfing on the Great Lakes, nordic skiing on it or tracking deer through it when it freezes in the sky and falls as snow.