Surfrider Northern Michigan


Jacqui Dorman-

Hometown: Troy, MI
Motivation to join Surfrider: I’ve always felt the most at home in the water. Whether I’m free diving a reef, or swimming laps in the lake I will always be in the water. I quickly realized that our coastlines, especially the Great Lakes, are in need of protection now more than ever with the increase in plastic production and climate change. Surfrider is an organization that has the best of both worlds where you can interact with like-minded people, but also make a change not just on the local level, but at the state and federal level as well.
Day Job: Director of Business Development for an investment firm.
Hobbies: Freediving, scuba diving, hiking, camping, surfing- anything outside or on the water. When snow is on the ground you can find me snow shoeing.
Favorite thing about Michigan: The variety of things to do. We have all four seasons and there’s never a shortage of activities to do in Northern Michigan. It’s the best playground in the world.